REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush Reviews

The beauty industry is filled with new releases of products every day. However, there are some that make a bigger impact than others. The latest release from Revlon – the One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush set – is one such product. These hair care tools are designed to give you more volume in a shorter amount of time and with less work than other products on the market. And if that’s not enough, you can get them for an affordable price – no shocker there considering it’s from Revlon! Keep reading to learn more about this set and see if it’s right for you…

What is REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush?

The REVLON One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush set is a 2-in-1 tool that combines a hair dryer and a hot air brush. Its specialty lies in its ability to create volume in your hair with more ease than other products. The dryer has a cyclic controlled rotary dial that regulates the speed at which air is blown from the dryer. This means that you can control how fast or slow the air is blown from the dryer without having to physically change the setting each time. This is especially useful for those who like to alternate between high-speed and low-speed drying. Additionally, the dryer comes with a cool setting for those who have fine hair and need to protect it from getting damaged. The hot air brush, on the other hand, comes with a comb-like design with flexible bristles. This allows the brush to tame and style your hair effortlessly, while also helping to create volume.

Features of REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

Here are some of the highlights of the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush that make it such a good product: - 1875 W motor: This dryer has an 1875 W motor that delivers a high volume of airflow. This high air volume ensures that your hair is completely dried in a shorter amount of time. - Cyclic rotary dial: As mentioned above, the cyclic rotary dial is a unique feature of this dryer that helps you to control the speed at which the air is blown from the dryer. This is especially useful for those who like to alternate between high-speed and low-speed drying. - Cool shot button: This feature helps to lock in your hair’s moisture, giving it a soft and silky feel. It also reduces frizziness in coarse and curly hair types. - Plus 2.0 Technology: This feature makes the dryer more efficient and powerful by producing extra heat and air flow. This is especially helpful when you have thick and coarse hair.

Benefits of REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

Here are some of the benefits of the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush: - Volume: One of the biggest benefits of this product is that it can give you more volume in your hair. With the help of the hot air brush, you can create volume in your hair without the help of any products. This is great for those who are looking for an easier way to add volume to their hair. - Time-saving: Another big advantage of this product is that it can save you time. Both the dryer and the hot air brush are designed to be more efficient and take less time to do their job. This means that you can save a lot of time in the long run by using this product. - Easier to style: This product is also much easier to style and manage compared to other hair drying and styling products. This makes it a great choice for those who have long and thick hair.

About this item

  • PLUS - SLIMMER & SLEEKER HANDLE: With detachable design for greater control and easier storage.
  • PLUS - SMALLER HEAD SIZE: More versatile 2.4” head size, style closer to the root, & more styling options (flips, soft waves and more).
  • PLUS - ADDITIONAL HEAT SETTING: Added medium option (low, medium, high, and cool), tailor to your hair needs with less damage, 50% less heat exposure.
  • PLUS - CERAMIC + TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY: Ceramic + titanium tourmaline helps reduce & protect against heat damage, while the charcoal activated bristles are great for 2ND day hair freshness.
  • SAFETY PLUG: Volumizer 2.0 PLUS meets U.S. safety requirements and features the ETL Certification. Unit is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. DO NOT use a voltage converter or adapter as it will damage it.
  • CARE FOR YOUR VOLUMIZER: Clean air inlet regularly, remove hair from the brush after every use and do not wrap cord around the unit. To keep bristles in best condition let unit cool before storing.
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REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush Reviews 3
Reviews from all over the web

1> I don't usually post reviews, but I've used every woman's hair product there is. When left to its own devices, Hagrid Hermione hair takes the default position. However, I don't want to be poodle-like or pin-straight. I'm left with regular dryers. Straighteners make my hair straight and frizzy. Curling irons eliminate my frizz but leave me with toooooo much curl. I timed it, and this gadget cuts drying time in half. So simple too. 

While holding a drier, it's superior to a circular brush. Avoid using other brands; Revlon has mastered this. To separate the upper layers from the bottom, I do need clips, but it's quite simple to accomplish. Even my use of smoother, hairspray, and other products has ended. Just a little shine-enhancing oil, and I'm off. It lasts for days as well, and all I do is resmooth any bed head clumps in my dry hair before I leave. A revolutionary product.

2> I bought the original Revlon One Step hair dryer about a year ago. The way my hair was blown out was fantastic. The drawbacks of this item included its weight, an excessively thick handle, and an excessively large barrel due to my shorter hair. When I saw the new version being discussed on YouTube, I was ecstatic. The new model has been much enhanced. It is lighter than the previous one. The handle is more svelte. There are 3 settings. Has the removable head. Its brush head is also smaller. still produces excellent blowouts. My hair is chin length, and the length complements the style beautifully. Love this dryer so much.

3> For years, I've used the original Revlon One Step Styler. I got the new one since the old one was beginning to look worn. Glad I did, too! Advantages: Has many heat settings, a smaller handle for better handling, a smaller barrel that's perfect for shorter hair, and detaches for storage or travel. Cons: The bristles are inferior than those on the original brush. I really enjoy the updated version overall!

4> My ability to blow dry and style my hair is practically nonexistent. I end up with a mass of unruly hair that I try to straighten out with a flat iron or another style appliance. Introducing the Revlon One-Step. It's the simplest thing ever. You simply only need to run the drying brush through your hair for five minutes to have lovely, silky hair! I had purchased the original model, which has a very wide brush head. I was so in love with it that I snatched up this new edition with a little smaller head. Never happy than now!

5> My hair is thick and shoulder length. I typically blow dry my hair for 45 to 60 minutes. I have to use a circular brush and trim it in segments. I generally have to take a brief break halfway through since my arms are so fatigued. No more! Without a doubt, this is the best hair tool I've bought in the past 20 years! After setting a timer, I dried my hair in about ten minutes. Not even kidding. I used the high heat setting for six minutes, medium heat for two minutes, and low heat for two minutes; I haven't even used the cold setting for the root blast. Given that my blow dry time has been dropped by 80%, I can't wait to truly style my hair with this. Amazing!

6> My hair is incredibly thick and long and wavy. The frizz is its life. On high, this dryer gets hot, but holy cow, did it dry my hair quickly! I first detested it. My hair seemed terrible and felt like it was being frizzled. But I persevered. A second application of thermal Protectant was given, and work continued. Wow, too! Normally I would use a hair dryer to dry my hair, followed by a heated brush to remove all the wave and add volume, and then a flat iron to smooth down the top layered ends.

This tool accomplished EVERYTHING, even smoothing my frizzier split ends that I keep growing and cutting. It gave my hair a tonne of volume, eliminated the curled waves, and made everything seem smooth. My hair is smooth and lustrous. Although it did need 20 mins, my hair is really thick.

7> I am not a girl who is great at "female tricks" with my hair; traditionally, attempting to balance the round brush and the blow dryer has only resulted in uncoordinated hair (and sore arms on top of it all!). This brush is a game-changer for me! The blow dryer brush makes it simple to have a smooth blow out with the perfect amount of curl at the bottom. I have wavy hair that falls just beyond my shoulders, is prone to "poufiness," and I used to have to try to flat iron it smooth. It's simple to utilise to fix things the next day as well. It is absolutely something I would suggest, and I intend to buy it again. Since I bought the flat iron, I have not needed to plug it in.

8> This brush drier is great. My hair is thin and approximately collar length, and the dryer is ideal. The oval brush's shape makes a huge impact. My hair wasn't tangled or caught throughout use. No frizz when finished. Even on the lowest heat setting, it really dries my hair in a surprisingly quick period of time and is not particularly noisy. I spent $10 extra on this one after returning the 5 in 1 air brush dryer that I had initially bought. Absolutely worthwhile. I'm ecstatic with my new dryer!

9> I adore this item! I don't do my own hair or makeup. I have no idea how to blow dry and style hair "correctly." This product is amazing for me because I detest utilising many items for the same work. I like that I can use only one tool to simultaneously blow-dry and style my hair. It saves me SO much time, energy and frustration. If you don't align the hair properly, it can tug on the hair a little bit (if you go outside for the brush ridges, the hair can/will get caught), but this can be easily prevented by dividing the hair into smaller portions; at least, that's what works for me.

I alternate between the medium (away from the root) and lower settings because it also warms up a touch too much on the medium level, at least for my scalp (near the root). I enjoy that the handle can be used as a blow dryer on my daughter after her baths, and that the head is detachable. Compared to a standard blow dryer, it is lighter. Although the handle is a little gurthy, it doesn't bother me because you grow used to it. This is definitely my go-to item for blow drying and styling together!
10> I own both and adore both, but I think this new Plus version is superior than the original in every way. I also appreciate the brush's new, smaller shape. the medium setting, too. The main issue with both is that the cool setting merely makes it somewhat less heated; it doesn't actually blow cool air. I wish that were true. But altogether, I'm quite pleased with the outcomes I can get with my medium-length hair; I always seem as though I've just come from the salon.

11> I'm covered with hair. It is really thick and extends to the centre of my back. Because I could never figure out how to use a round brush and a dryer at the same time, my previous process was either leaving my hair in a damp bun, letting it air dry, or, if I felt like dressing it up, using a blow dryer and flat iron.

Bring on this wonderful device. My hair freakishly resembles the results of a blowout. I don't feel like my shoulders are about to fall off from carrying two large, hefty tools. The barrel can dry the root if you separate your hair (fun advice you discover too late in life).

An advice. After each usage, remove any hair from the bristles or the drying process won't be as efficient.

I appreciate how the barrel can be separated for simple storage and portability. The only query or worry is if the barrel can be cleaned with warm, soapy water to get rid of any buildup. I now only clean in between the bristle lines with a towel.

12> I was born with naturally curly/wavy hair, so of course I want something different LOL. However, it requires some direction to seem soft and smoother else when it dries on its own it's quite curly. It's incredibly beautiful and simple to use this brush. I enjoy the broad handle since it makes turning easier for me because of my poor wrist.

In a pinch, I'll use a conventional dryer on my hair before waiting until it is three-quarters dry. However, you must remember that the high setting makes the room quite warm. It softens out my layers and gives my hair a lot of weight, which I like. My hair receives comments every time I use it. I would strongly advise it.

13> I used to own the first iteration of this product, and I adored it. I chose to try the latest version (2.0) as the brush is smaller when the bristles on previous one began to fall out. The smaller size fits my hair well because it extends approximately 6 inches past my shoulders. The 2.0 dries my hair much more quickly than my old one did, and the smaller barrel allows me more control over the style. I strongly advise purchasing the 2.0 version if you have the means to do so.

14> This hair drier, brush, and volumizer live up to my expectations. It takes little time to dry and style my hair. After my shower, I dry off and get dressed while leaving my hair wrapped in a microfiber towel. When compared to using a hair dryer and curling iron, styling my hair by hand takes far less time. I decided to go with the 2.5" model rather than the 4.5" model, which I believe is more suited to long hair. This works wonderfully for me because my hair is just below shoulder length.


The REVLON One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush is a great product. It can help you save time while styling your hair and also add more volume to your hair. This product comes at an affordable price, making it a good choice for almost everyone.