Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush Reviews

Revlon is a trusted brand in the world of cosmetics. Its hair care products are widely used by people worldwide. The company has launched several hair styling products for men and women. However, one of its products has received mixed reviews by users. The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush has found both haters and lovers. Let us take a closer look at its pros and cons before you make up your mind to buy one for yourself:

What is the Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush?

The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush is a brush that is compatible with all hair types. It is specially designed to make your hair smooth and lustrous. This heated brush can be used to straighten, curl, and add volume to your hair. It is a dual-purpose product that can be used for various hairstyles. The product has a silicone bristles that are ideal for curling, straightening, and creating volume in your hair. This product is exclusively available on Amazon. It comes with different features that make it ideal for styling your hair at home. You can use it to create any hairstyle that you want. The product comes with a heat-resistant handle that can withstand high temperatures. You can use it to curl, straighten, and add volume to your hair, thanks to the ionic bristles.

Features of Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush

Impressive features- This product is designed to make your hair smooth, straight, and voluminous. You can use the Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush for all kinds of hairstyles such as straight, wavy, and curly hair. 

Temperature control- The brush comes with a temperature control feature that lets you set the temperature of the product. You can set the temperature between 200°F and 450°F by using the temperature control button on the handle. 

Heat-resistant handle- The handle of this product is made of heat-resistant material. This makes the product safe to use even when the temperature is set to high.

Pros of Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush

Temperature control feature- The temperature control feature of this product lets you set the temperature of the brush to suit your hair type. This means the product is safe to use even if you have thin or sensitive hair. 

Durability- The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush is made of high-quality materials. This ensures the product lasts for a long time. Even if you use the product regularly, it does not show signs of wear and tear. 

Weight distribution- The product comes with a weighted barrel that distributes the weight evenly along the barrel. This makes it easy to use and minimizes the risk of getting a hand cramp.

Reviews from allover the web

1> My hair gets curled swiftly with this hot style tool, and when it is finished, it is lustrous and gorgeous-looking. My hair has never looked prettier or more polished. Use only on dry hair, per the instructions, therefore Amazon's query on "drying power" is irrelevant. However, it can quickly curl hair. My hair is typically dull and straight, but occasionally gets wavy in the incorrect way. My hair behaved, curled, and shone wonderfully thanks to this heated curling brush. Now, every day, my hair appears as if I just left the hairdresser.

2> I ultimately purchased a different air-blower styler, but this one is truly remarkable. The only reason I'm getting a second one is because the first one takes a little bit of time and I can't do it in the morning when I'm pressed for time. My short, ear-length hair looks fantastic and holds its curl all day long when I do it on the weekends, up until I wash it or go to bed with it. Despite the fact that it does not spin or spew hot air, I would suggest this device to anyone who saw it on the store. The fact that it is silent and impossible for you to burn your hands using this baby is a plus.

3> My expectations were greatly exceeded by this product. My hair is fine and naturally kinky. I try to wash my hair every day and avoid using heavy pomades and oils. In just a few minutes, I can straighten my hair using the Low setting of the device, then add curl using the High option. I need hair spray to give my hair a lasting set, although the process just takes a few minutes. I can't speak to its durability yet because I've only had it for a few weeks, but right now it's wonderful!

4> I love this hot brush styling tool so much. When I used one while travelling in Europe, I was concerned that it wouldn't become as hot as the one I had previously used and adored because of the different voltage, but surprise! It works pretty well and gets really hot! If your hair is already dry, put away the loud blow dryer and brush! Because of the bristles' flexibility and softness, your hair won't get caught in them. Revlon, thanks for coming through!

5> The best hair tool is this curling iron brush. The gentle bristles are a terrific concept. Most hair curling products just can't handle my delicate, thin hair, but this Revlon tool grabs onto it, and the heat barrel curls my hair unlike anything else.

6> This will be your go-to for anything you use it for. I chose to replace my previous Revlon Styler (which is identical to this one) because it wasn't functioning as well as it has in previous years. WOW! It wasn't until I plugged the new one in that I realised how badly I needed to replace my years-old one. The new one styles my hair much more rapidly than the old one, which I later realised needed to be retired, and heats up quickly to the perfect temperature. This is a fantastic product that delivers on its promises! In my cupboard, my electric rollers are left unused. This hair straightener is all I need to leave the house.

7> When I placed my order, I did not see that the bristles were flexible, like they are on some standard hand brushes. I was dubious when I began to use it, but I absolutely adore it! I dislike my two hard bristle stylers because they pull, tangle, and are difficult to heat properly. This brush heats up quickly, the temperature is ideal, and my hair goes through without tangling or pulling. It gives my hair lustre. My hair is curly, white, and relatively long, thus it is brittle. I use a product called Cake Locksmith dry conditioning spray, which I spritz LIGHTLY before using a heated appliance on my hair..then spray LIGHTLY when styling. Do not spray products on your roots, as this will drag your hair down and add oil to areas that do not want it. Holding your head down and flipping your hair down while spraying LIGHTLY will add body if desired. adore this hairstyle!

8> I adore this item!! Someone has finally created a product for my thick hair. The end remains chilly so my fingers do not get burned. The bristles are soft, flexible, and do not tangle. Not scalding to the touch. Only at its base was it appropriate. Has a thumb rest on the grip, preventing it from slipping in my hand. And various heat levels. Absolutely adore it!! Many thanks to Revlon!

9> Even though this curling brush's handle is a bit larger than I want (for travel), the bristles pleasantly pleased me. They are made of soft silicon, which allows them to be rolled closer to the scalp (without causing burns) and get a better lift. Silicon-based bristles have a tendency to grip and perform poorly as a comb. Detangle the hair first. Then you will be delighted.

Initially, I selected this item since the data indicated that it was the lightest. However, I enjoy it for other reasons. Also essential is that the cable rotates easily and does not wrap around the hand. (I returned a previous unit due to this defect.)

10> This is a simple design with low and high heat settings. The control is a sliding switch that does not interfere with wand rotation. After blow-drying my hair, I use the low setting to style it. My medium-length, thick and wavy, resistant hair loses its structure overnight. On a high setting, my hair is tamed and given structure using this product. As I glide the bristles to the ends of my hair, the silicon brushes offer minimal resistance but do not tug. Cooling the wand facilitates the removal of stray hairs. I own multiple Revlon products and have always had faith in this brand.


All in all, the Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush is a great product for styling your hair at home. It comes with a number of features that make styling your hair easy and quick. The product is durable and can withstand high temperatures. You can use it to straighten, curl, and add volume to your hair. This makes the product a great buy at a reasonable price. It is available online on Amazon and can also be bought from offline stores.