Hi, I'm Sourajit Saha and welcome to my blog (sourospeaks.com). I hope you are enjoying my blog. I have some policies also related this blog. Let me state here all. Before that, if you want to contact me for any purpose, check my contact page. If you want to get all my articles on a single page, then check archive page. These policies have been created on 19th April 2022.

1> I use Google Adsense as my site's primary monetization method. The ads mentioning "Adchoices" are AdSense ads. And those are provided by Google itself. We have no control on this, and those are not my recommendation. Google Adsense shows these ads on the basis of keywords and your search interests. I can assure you that you will not be suggested any harmful or virus affected sites. But I can not say anything about the quality of that site.

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3> All the images have been bought from ShutterStock. As I buy those images with royalty, that means I have permission to use those pictures for personal purpose.

4> All articles have been written by me. Some quotations have been taken from some sites with giving proper credits. Quotation could not be rewritten you know. Apart from that, All the content is copyrighted to the owner of the website and must not be reproduced without permission. Still, if someone copies from here, I will be forced to file a DMCA complaint.